Selfie. 2019

FOR ME, visual art has always been unique amongst the arts forms that exist in humankind because of its ability to visually stimulate ideas and imaginations. With nothing more than scratches on a canvas a world of new ideas, emotions and events unfolds in the frozen energy of the world the artist was painting. The same can be said for music, and theatre as well. I have adored and been fascinated by the skills and imagination of artists to take elements of the world around us and create stories and experiences that have been shared by millions of individual people of (in some cases) thousands of years.

Working in this new millennium and at the dawn of the technological revolution, the potential for this technology and its impact on art is one of the most exciting things to be involved in. Most people would probably agree that the more connected we are as people in an online world, the more disconnected we are becoming with the physical environment, especially when it comes to artistic experiences. These new technologies are being harnessed by artists everyday to create bold new expressions and works on a much greater and accessible scale and experience. One only has to look at the crowds lining up to see the Mona Lisa to know that the desire for the experience of art has not dwindled but the experience of it in traditional forms has been suffocated.

We all know technology is moving at such a rate that the human experience of it is almost too much for us to process and keep up with. The nature of human sociality being impacted by the web and social media platforms is creating and deconstructing communications and relationships faster than we can keep up. Artists, as always, have sought to express and reconfigure that life through their work in order that we may reflect upon this. So it is a natural fit that they are now harnessing and synthesising those same technologies and social connections to start creating works.

These works are now expansive multi-sited installation pieces that not only give beautiful and amazing reflections of the world we live in but also, and maybe even more importantly, directly invite the viewers engagement with a sense of their own agency and involvement. An experience of the world in a suspension of disbelief. Works that are created from statistical analysis of the audience watching it, that reimagine the buildings around us, both inside and out, that integrate our experiences with others from around the world simultaneously via the web. It’s a movement of creative practice that synthesises multi-sensory human expression into a total visceral prosthetic; it is made of us, connected to us and surrounding us in awe inspiring ways.

I pinch myself so often. As a child ~ art, culture and music was around me for sure. But it was disconnected from my everyday life. I could see it from afar but never experience it.

Now, we are at the knifes edge of new immersive experiences working with designers, businesses, developers, communities, engineers, scientists and researchers to collectively create epic art on a scale I could only have ever dreamed of.

We are making immersive work on such a scale with such talented and visionary artists to create such wonder and inspire imagination reaching hundreds and thousands of children just like me in, the next generation.

Tomorrowland is Today.

With a Passionate Love for the Arts
~ Raven Fox